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Profesor Mezcal


59 years old
Oaxaca, MEXICO

Grade Dos Profesor

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    Profesor Mezcal's Interests
General Internet, Family & Community, Making Mezcal, Drinking Mezcal, Agave Sustainability, Eliminating Waste, Dancing, Western Movies, Horses, Mexico, Mezcal, Nectar, Listening to the radio, Poetry

Music Romantics - historia de amor

Rancheras Musica Mexicana - Lastima Que Seas Agena

Allan Rayman: Rose2

Sade:- The Sweetest Taboo

Movies Films: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

     Profesor Mezcal's Details
Status: Married
Here for: Networking y amigos
Hometown: San Juan Del Rio, Oaxaca
Ethnicity: Mexican/Zapoteca
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Smoke / Drink: sometimes/yes
Occupation: Mezcalero/Teacher

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About me:

Me and my friends make MEZCAL! We prioritze quality and sustainability above quantity and yield. There is no other way. Each bottle is numbered by hand, and each batch has its own unique nuances. Agave & Water - NOTHING ELSE. Never shortcuts!

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Professor Mezcal has 66645805 Friends.
 Lou Mejia 
 Casa Wabi 
 No More Deaths 
 Rodolfo Jr. 
 Mary Lopez Sosa 

Profesor Mezcal's Friends Comments
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9/28/2020 12:14 AM

The written bottle number wipes off with sweaty hands

9/15/2020 3:00 PM

I’m not even just saying it as a friend. It’s smoother than any mezcal I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t even put her on the rocks she’s so smooth!!! Like a dolphin

9/10/2020 1:15 PM

Did you wax these bottles in the dark?! Jk lol..but seriously!!”

9/09/2020 7:02 PM

Can taste the earth!

8/20/2020 3:33 PM

Subbed this into a negroni, really nice!!!!!!!

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